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(n) A dislikeable person; someone who is mean to others or treats others with disrespect
Carl just stole another fifth grader's lunch money! What a chooter!
by DJCALLY23 March 02, 2010
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1. (n.) an unlikeable person; disliked by many
2. (n.) a woman who has had many sexual partners; a slut
3. Choot (adj.) describes a person who is unlikeable or slutty
1. Dude, Jake stole my burger again. Man, that guy is such a chooter.
2. That girl's such a chooter! She's done the entire football team!
3. She's so choot! She made out with my best friend yesterday and then with his classmate today!
by Udictionary- slangmaster March 01, 2010

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