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Any hot chick that you would want to bang.
Did you see that smokin hot choobie?
by Boose April 26, 2006
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A choobie is another word meaning the same as n00b, noobie, or newbie.
Look at the Choobie getting pwn'd by that spiderling!
by Turtle - eltruT July 08, 2004
A massive poo, one that weighs down on your entire lower body until released into the wild.

Also known as a choobie-bomb.
Gotta go to the toilet to drop a massive choobie.
by T.H September 25, 2007
little gummie squares in bubble shakes that you can disguise as tomatoes in someones taco
are you slow? you dont need a definition.

by vincesucks101 September 20, 2008

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