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An austrailian term for nauseated, disgorge, gasp, heave, keck, nauseate, pant, puke, retch, sicken, spew, strain, struggle, throw up, or vomit.
Oi mate, i think im gonna chonda.
by The Huevos November 14, 2005
A catch-all pronoun.
Yeah, lemme get two o' dem chondas.
by Sean Piece August 02, 2003
Another way to describe Hyundai.
Because Hyundai sounds like Honda with a deviated septum, the curvilinear chrome H of the Hyundai's snout looks like a Honda badge and Hyundai seems to keep on coping Honda.
Add the C from the Corea to the Honda, it became CHONDA.
My CHONDA runs as good as real thing (Honda).

I saved really good money with purchasing CHONDA instead of HONDA!
by Koreanist November 10, 2005