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Chonglish is a spoken English by the Korean people with Korean accent.

It is a mixed word of Choson Dynasty that is an original kingdom of the Korean peninsula and English.
I speak Chonglish, because I am proud to be a Koran.
by Koreanist June 04, 2005
Opposite of the "Lexus Lane", which is High Occupancy Toll lanes where the wealthy who can afford to pay high tolls can drive without delay.

"Hyundai Lane" users are those with less money sits in the traffic-jam with frustration and watch the rich passes by them.
I wish I could afford the "Lexus Lanes" instead of sitting in the "Hyundai Lanes" watching rich people drive by me.
by Koreanist July 05, 2005
Racial slur exclusively used for Koreans.
It wouldn't work unless it is used against Koreans.
Shut a hook up, Chong!
by koreanist June 06, 2005
Another way to describe Hyundai.
Because Hyundai sounds like Honda with a deviated septum, the curvilinear chrome H of the Hyundai's snout looks like a Honda badge and Hyundai seems to keep on coping Honda.
Add the C from the Corea to the Honda, it became CHONDA.
My CHONDA runs as good as real thing (Honda).

I saved really good money with purchasing CHONDA instead of HONDA!
by Koreanist November 10, 2005

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