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a abnormal shaped dildo, usually in the form of a chode (a dick that is fatter than it is tall). Usually used by desperate ugly chicks who couldnt get ray charles to fuck them in the dark.
Eleanor: Hey cutie!! Ive got a surprise for you at my house! That is of course, if you got time!
Ray: Hell nah bitch! I ain't touchin yo stank ass pussy! Fuck off bitch!
Eleanor: *Sniffle* I guess i'll just have to use my chodo tonight. Again...
Means fuck me. It is used by horny gals.
abe sale ab chodo bhi ya tumhara pani gir gya.... means U basterd fuck me or u have already come
by Nahi janta August 03, 2006
A person who lies a lot or makes up stories.
Paul is an annoying chodo.
by ClamChowder369 August 05, 2008
An unpopular vegetable resembling the choko but is wider than it is tall. Can either be skimmed on the water as a missile weapon or used as a flavour enhancer
Macca's apple pies are chocked full of chodos you know - said the snot nosed git
by Chode Slapper January 20, 2010

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