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When her vag os as wide and deep as a frying pan
Dude did you know that your moms a chodette
by poundtown01 October 26, 2011
A female chode,usually dirty and obnoxious,ugly, also thinks and dresses like theyre hot shit, loud mouths and talk shit about girls that are better looking than them. Nasty bitches, run far far away if approached.
I thought it was supposed to be ladies night, but i guess its chodette night
by BarbieDawl August 08, 2011
The Chodette is a female version of the chode (A chode being a dick wider than it is tall). It is a variety of clitoris that is stubby, bluntly rounded and fat.
The sight of Becky's bulbous chodette poking through her panties, made Brad reconsider his decision to have sex with her.
by James Chaney April 22, 2004
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