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A term used to describe Bucky Prizant, the master of the 4 greatest friends ever. These friends are officially part of the sacred group called "The Chodes".
-while driving shirtless down the street-
"Are you guys drunk?"
"No, but I am the chodemaster".
by TheChodemaster18 January 24, 2009
The man with the biggest chode in the room
(jack)man jerry has a fuckin chode
(bobby)hes a chodemaster
by Trabren January 18, 2009
one who either has a very large chode, or usually the one in a group of friends who does idiodic things, also one who is picked on the most. see Chode and Douche. one who tries to impress the girls.
1.look at tim flexing his muscles, he is such a chodemaster.
2.Wizards9896 is the biggest chodemaster ive ever played.
3."Hey guys watch this--" "dude your such a chodemaster."
by teh l33t chodemaster December 22, 2008
a person with a penis that is shorter than it is wide
Curveball: my penis is 2-3 inches long *smiles*
Everyoneelse: OMG!! YOU ARE A FUCKING CHODE MASTER!! *laughs histarically*
by haneman November 04, 2006
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