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A person that is the ultimate master and human embodiment of a penis that is wider than it is long.
Dude, Kraig told me that he couldn't fit into his pants today. What a Chode King...
by Chat Cholm December 11, 2009
Chode King is just generally a bit of a guy although he doesnt have many mates for some reason. I have asked him if he wants to go for an alcoholic beverage, bevvy several times but he still doesnt know what it means. Has a long-lost son who he see's everyday but doesn't realise. Passer's by know his son by one name "Chode King's prodigal son".
Chode King lad goin for a bevvy later
Omfg Chode King you are a bit of a hunk
by Herman "The Hash" Henderson August 20, 2006