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Chocalate Vanilla swirl occurs during the act of oral sex. A women first takes the mans seed within her mouth, and then promptly poors chocolate syrup into her mouth. Rinses, Rinses, Rinses, and spits into a small cup and your Chocolate Vanilla Swirl is ready to serve! Sprinkles and other assorted candies can be added to this delicious dish.
John: Jillian drank 5 of my Chocolate Vanilla Swirls last night!
Roberto: That's just fucked up...
by Trizzon January 06, 2011
The act of jacking off into a toilet bowl, then before flushing deciding to take a shit to conserve water.
X: Man I just made the biggest chocolate vanilla swirl of my life
Y: Gross man, really Gross
by darrwinter March 28, 2015
A condition that occurs during anal sex in which post-ejaculation, the male seed mixes with fecal matter, producing a sticky, salty purée. See chocolate cum smoothie, three musketeers surprise, or anal fondue.
My partner and I love splitting a chocolate-vanilla swirl after a nice Mexican dinner.
by Chocolatevanillaswirl September 07, 2014
a mixed person
I kissed him i tasted chocolate Vanilla swirl!
by Kari June 04, 2003
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