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A loud, boisterous custom at The Weiner's Circle hot dog stand in Chicago, IL, where customers chant "chocolate shake" and one or more of the African-American female employees exposes and shakes her breasts.
Yo at the count of three lets all start chanting "chocolate shake."
by Bruin2Ruin January 03, 2010
Trying to fart in someones face while they are sleeping, but you accidentally shit in their mouth.
I Chocolate Shake my brother. So he punched me in the face.
by Sexybitch20 January 04, 2010
When in a drunken stupor, you shit in between a girls tits and use the shit as lube, while proceeding to tit fuck her.
Yo I was fucking this fatty and I made her a chocolate shake
by Kansasboi November 08, 2007
After squeezing out a nice nig biscuit, one proceeds to take the head of an unsuspecting victim and perform what is known as a swirly on the freshly crapped poo.
person1- yo man, why you got all the shit on your face
person2- this douchebag just gave me a chocolate shake
person1- you smell like shit
by pauliepewpdix June 20, 2011
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