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A chocolate finger is where you are making out with a girl and you slip her the finger but instead of inserting it it accidentally ends up in the ass.
This commonly occurs in a drunk or disorientated state.

When this happens, the nickname chocolate fingers usually sticks with them for a long time
1)"Haha Dave got smashed on friday and chocolate fingered some girl behind the pub!"

2)"here i go"
"umm wrong hole..."
"Wahay Choco-fingers!"
by B70WNY November 26, 2008
sliding fingers up someones anal passage (form of intercourse)
C'mon let's play chocolate fingers
by Fondor May 17, 2005
when discharge from the anus finds its way onto one's finger during the process of buttock penetration with one's phalanges
'oh yes, twas thrilling until she gave me chocolate fingers'
by EmzyyElectric && BingleyBOOM March 02, 2009
The action of inserting one or more fingers into a persons rectum, and then bringing it out for them to lick clean.
Jenny chocolate fingered Johnny by inserting a finger into his anus and then letting him suck it clean.
by andreas542 November 15, 2007