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The erected phallus of any black male whose genitalia are of an acceptable size or larger.
Justin: Did you get all up on that chocolate rocket last night?
Britney: It was more of a chocolate model rocket...
Justin: So yes.
by Lexac3000 May 26, 2009
An oil geyser in which BP fucks up so badly, that the crude, dark choclate colored oil, shoots up like a rocket. Chocolate Rockets are so powerful they can only be defended by the use of an atomic weapon.
Sam: Dude, I heard BP unleashed another fucking Chocolate Rocket in the Atlantic! They're diminishing our nuclear weapons supply, single-handedly!

Ian: I know! Not even Obama, Russia, Japan, Germany, North Korea, The middle east, and China together can deplete our Nukes like this!
by WHBS June 06, 2010
when a girl shits in her hand and jacks you off.
my wife loves to shit in her hand and give me a chocolate rocket.
by mavsfan3234 October 23, 2007
When someone gives a male a blow job, covered with his/her ( the person who is blowing) shit from previous anal sex.
Kim don't make me give you a chocolate rocket !
by T- Money June 23, 2003