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The act of inserting clean marshmallows into a woman's rectum. After letting them sit for an extended period of time the inserter then removes the chocolate covered marshmallows with his tongue and eats them. Transporting the marshmallows into the insertee's mouth is optional.
Guy: "Hey I want some chocolate marshmallows"
Girl: "Alright let me undress!"
by Arthur Shagnasty January 14, 2011
Chocolate Marshmallows are well... Chocolate flavored marshmallows. They are commonly found in the suburbs.
I just ate a bad of chocolate marshmallows and they taste exactly like chocolate.
by Turkerycheesecake December 02, 2007
When you get shit on your dick. Normally after anal.
Bro1: you know that girl?
Bro2: yeah what about her?
Bro1: she gave me a chocolate marshmallow.

Bro2: that's nasty bootygasm Netflix and chill
by aGoatinaOverCoat August 21, 2016
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