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An urban term that refers to when any male, Puerto Rican or darker, is "seeding" a woman. Often times this is heard backstage at Ruben Studdard concerts or at the house of any of the Kardashians.
Hey bitch, don't spit that out...thems Chocolate Diamonds!
by The Zunicorn January 07, 2011
4 1
The act of shoving rock candy up one's anus, then defecating on another's chest.
Man 1: What's your favorite part of the day?
Man 2: Well, I would have to say its when the secretary, Margaret, Chocolate Diamonds me during our lunch break.
by Sandwich Bread February 23, 2014
1 1
When sleeping on the bottom bunk and the top bunk occupier takes a shit and it slides down the blinds to the bottom bunkbed.
Brandon: "hey man im about to send some Chocolate Diamonds down your way".

Anthony: "I hope you got your fiber today!"
by sneeky peeker February 10, 2011
6 16