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the best thing tht will ever happen 2 u ever!
she gave me the best chlo job
by dabestattougne December 30, 2008
29 9

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1. Fellatio performed by someone named Chloe

2. The oral stimulation of the genitals (consisting of the penis and the scrotum) performed by any girl named Chloe

3. The manipulation of the penis (usually with use of the mouth, but can also be done with feet) by a girl named Chloe
"Hey Chloe! Would you be so kind as to give me a blowjob?"

"No, I don't give blowjobs but I love giving chlojobs."

Free chlojobs for everyone!
by lotsofpuppies June 15, 2009
21 6
The best blowjob you'll ever receive from a Chloe.
John: Omg did you get a Chlojob!?

Danny: Yeah it was the best bj of all time.
by Cpridg May 25, 2014
1 0
1. The act of fellatio performed by one named chloe

2. Any instance where one named Chloe stimulates the penis with her (or maybe his?) mouth

3. A sloppy wet blowjob given away by any slutty girl named Chloe
As I was walking to the cafeteria, I noticed Chloe staring aimlessly at the ceiling. Hey Chloe, that chlojob you gave me was pretty bad as I have multiple teeth markings on my penis.
by Turkishcheddar June 14, 2009
6 10
Making friends then ditching them and not talking or hanging out with them once older guys get back in town.
Yesterday when we were at the beach Chloe gave us all chlo jobs.
by Blumpkin League May 31, 2004
23 48