chicks or girls
yo check out those chizzle's
by dave June 22, 2003
a sharp metal tool used 4 carving wood
i got my chizzle and chizzled some wood
by jimmo August 06, 2003
A short word often used to convey the point of the common qoute: "I fucked your mom hardcore then threw her under your bed."

Billy: Hey guys!
Person 1: die...
Person 2: i chizzled your mom last night
Person 3: i got it on tape
Billy: (crys while running away like a sissy)
by Chizzle And The Chizzler November 22, 2007
the worlds biggest pedizzle. Enjoys the company of toddlers. I.e. a peadophile
you are such a chizzle nigga
by the dizzle September 19, 2004
Snoop Dogg's favorite tool.
Guy: "what are we gonna use to break this thing with?"

Snoop Doggy Dogg: Let's use da Chizzle Dizzle!
by Hank Mcdizzlesom August 05, 2008
An ancient form of sculpting ones body to achieve an unfathomable amount of brawn through sexually astonishing muscle definition.
Dan: Hey Tristan lets have a chizzle sesh.
Tristan: I'm down, shall we be in the nude?
Dan: shoore shoore
by Tristan and Dan April 26, 2007
The same as cum, jizz, or man juice
I left chizzle on my buddies sheets after my girlfriend gave me a blowjob.
I chizzled all over my wifes face last night.
by chodanut March 19, 2008

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