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a woman's cum...chick+jizz
Wow, that chick's a squirter...I got her chizz all over my ballfro!
by mielocoton41 September 25, 2011
A stupid word said on iCary or Victorious. It's like "no shit" but the creaters of the TV channel Nickelodeon have to make it a trendy word so it's hip and relatable. The characters in the show plus have no idea what it is so make it sound funny.
Girl 1:What is chizz anyways?
Girl 2: Andre says its a german sausage.
by yourapoopnose August 29, 2010
to relax, to chill out, a cooler word to use instead of relax and chillax...
"dude i have so much $h!t to do, i'm going crazy...!"
..."yall needs to chizz bud, aite?"

by KGchizzOUT February 15, 2008
A pseudo-profanity term that can take the place of the word "shit". This term has gained popularity because of its usage on television shows such as iCarly and Victorious.
Sam: "Yeah, no chizz."
Andre: "It'll be the chizz"
Person not on kid-friendly tv show: "What the hell is with this 'chizz' business? I believe they're looking for the word 'shit'."
by umlikewhatever August 08, 2011
according to andre, a german sausage.
Tori: what is chizz?

Andre: I Think its a german sausage.
by VictoriousDefinitions April 24, 2011
Another simple word for "stuff", or a general, universal term for whatever is going on
tim; my wife divorced me and my children committed sucide at the same time.

bob; dude, that is some serious chizz, sorry bro...
by biohavock November 24, 2011
It means to squirt squeezable canned cheese into your mouth or someone elses as if it is a penis ejaculating.
Me and my girlfriend had some squeeze cheese to snack on last night, I couldn't stop chizzing in her mouth.
by Furstache May 01, 2012