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A term used in the military for money during the vietnam war. The vietnamese prostitutes would ask for chit in exchange for their services.
"No chit, no boom boom"
by Mike Miller October 25, 2004
A word commonly used to replace "shit"
Joe: "Hey Smitty, can you pass the potatoes?"
Smitty: "Nah, the family potato patch has had a bad harvest"
Joe: "Aw Chit!!"
by captainfuntime January 04, 2009
Synonym for shit. In other words shit with a ch
That chits crazy bro!
by Elzone 1/2 January 06, 2008
A different spelling and pronunciation for the word "shit", first introduced by pop-culture demigod Tony Montana in the movie Scarface.
"Lenolo.. CHOOT that piece of CHIT!" - Al Pacino as Tony Montana
by Bart de B November 27, 2007
an annoying, brainless, or otherwise killable female..usually young
those sorority girls are such chits
by chemicalpixie February 13, 2004
The annoying gunk that gets stuck in your teeth after eating cheese puffs. A portmanteau of he words cheese and shit.
I need a toothpick to get this chit out of my teeth.
by riglertke April 07, 2010
chit means shut up
originally created by Shant, the fuckin OCD boy.
"Chit fy fo." = "Shut up fat fuck."
"why don't you just chit." = Why don't you just shut up
by M4 Psycho June 09, 2006