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*Reaction from using a drug; most likely a monkey also know as a bean or a pill.
*Can't sit still, Eyes wont close, Face feel numb, Body feel froze, Mouth twitching, Feel it in toes, Can't shit cause appetite low, Make you wanna pop more, Can't shut up
*Plies song chirpin is the true definition!!
1.Tay always be chirpin after he pop two monkeys.
2.Them pills have his lil ass out there chirpin.
3.My dawg just called me them pills got em chirpin.
by 1234** February 20, 2010
1. The act of a male engaging a female in a conversation in an attempt to "spit his game" or "hit on" the female. This is the first step in a series of steps to eventually lead the male and female to "hook up," that is, to have sexual intercourse.

Originated from the south, in Tennessee, at a local high school.

For politically correct spelling, alternative form "chirping" may also be used.
1. "Did you see John chirpin at that chick last night?"
2. "Dis nigga chirpin!"
3. "Why you gotta be chirpin at my girl all the time?"
by pattywak June 15, 2007
When your geeking or tweakin off of some sort of pill.
Nah dude I'm chirpin my ass off
by ScotwithoneT December 28, 2010
Someone talkin' shit, and won't stop. Just keeps jib jabbin.

And or someone who won't stop talking about anything.
1. Brian won't stop chirpin' about how high he is, what a bucket dipper.

2. Yo dat nigga be chiiiirpin'.

3. Who dis bitch? Dat bitch be chirpin'.
by Brian Payne December 29, 2010
when a homie is sayin some shit but you just dont give a FUCK.
nigga lemme stop you right there. you straight CHIRPIN righnow.
by t_surplusofmack_aka_tsurplus August 19, 2010
To recieve a message via Nextel phones.
"Ya, she be chirpin me..."
by austin¶ April 30, 2008
To burn out or roast the tires in your car.
yo you see that boi chirpin in his whip?
by Dub_sizzle October 05, 2006
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