A chirp is a signal in which the frequency increases ('up-chirp') or decreases ('down-chirp') with time. In some sources, the term chirp is used interchangeably with sweep signal. It is commonly used in sonar and radar, but has other applications....

Phoentic Spelling would be (Ch-erp or Ch-urp)
In this case the Term is "Chirp Chirp" Originally from the Cincinnati area of Ohio State. Later making its way closer to the Town of Akron and now commonly used around the NE side of Ohio.

Another definition similar of this can be "Mac & Cheeze" or "Steak and Potatoes" (Look at Definition/Example for reference to Steak and Potatoes)
Yo man look at that girl over there!! "Chirp!""Chirp Chirp!!"or Chirp Chirppppp!!

A Hot girl walking up the street or sidewalk past you--you look back and look at her body and in an outside voice yell "Chirp Chirp"! or can also be followed by DayUmmmm! or Damnnnnn!

An example of Mac and Cheeze would be two girls walking together one not as attractive as the other and the hotter one would be the Mac cuz you want to"Mac" that and the other girl is the Cheeze, not saying she cant be good looking just not as good as the Mac....the Cheeze can be good looking if its not burnt around the edges.
by ChirpGod January 16, 2012
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Slang for the deafening silence that comes when someone gets pwned in public and cannot come up with a decent response.
"She used to talk smack all the time, but now she's nothing but chirp chirp"
by The Czar of Goading November 25, 2009
A term used by retarded ghetto people with no credit to describe Nextel
Yo, i need ta find out if I qualify fo 'dat chirp chirp shit
by KGz April 20, 2004
They sound of Nextel Direct-connect usage
Yo Hakim Hitz me up on da chirp chirp when you wanna getz some OE (Old English 800)
by George Davino March 24, 2005

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