1) And Indian name which figuratively means "lamp"
Some one who brings happiness or wisdom.

2) Someone who fits this profile

Appears to be 'nice guy'
Helps people out
Attracts girls
Appears to be smart and charming.
Has AWESOME hair.

Is actually a massive ball of rage waiting to explode and devour the universe.

A wolf in sheep's clothing.
Could be Batman.
Guy 1: haha I just got that guy to do my homework for me AGAIN

Guy 2: be careful man, he's a chiraag

Guy 1: Oh crap, better stop acting like a jerk around him.

by omniscientboiledpotato August 08, 2010
To waste time and not study while being tutored, instead distracting others who are being tutored at the same time.
Dude, stop chiraag-ing me! You're just like that guy...what's his name? The one who use to go to Acclaim Education...
by R2J2 November 09, 2004
An Ass.
Hi, this is my friend and that's his chiraag.

Be careful, you might not want to come off as a kiss chiraag.
by The sister in law April 16, 2010
Chiraag is a universal slur and jargon used to describe your typical indians.

It is also used as a slang to depict a teenager gone wrong due to hormonal imbalance. A Chiraag is one who has a tendency to masturbate using toilet plumbers right after it is used to clean a toilet, as it is postulated to increase sensuality. Chiraags are great for whitewashing your shoes as long as you are willing to give a little push/blow/mouth contact for his tiny penis to ejaculate a river of spermless cum.

Despite all this, his family loves him so much because he makes them feel smart. Chiraag is the biggest imbecile in his family, apart from the rest of his ancestory, and hence, his parents are delighted to find someone who a lower calibre.
Russell Peters: Somebody's gonna get hurt bad reeaaal soon, and it's you Chiraags

Chiraag: Mum, Dad, do you love me?
Parents: Well of course we do, if you would just be smarter. :D
Chiraag: I can try. Dad your zipper is down and your dick is hanging loose, let me coil it back for you.
Dad: Fuck off son! Touch your own weener.
Chiraag: You mean my vagina, right Dad?
Mum: O son of a pussy!
by Nanik May 04, 2010
A wanker who sucks his cock in hope of one day finding his mum shooting out in the form of cum.
He is also the star of www.meatspin.com, and www.stagparty.us
chiraag has earnt £3 from showing his deformed sexual organs on the internet.
Chiraag also has feelings for his father who makes him cover him in beer everynight, then lick it off. This is chiraags prize for getting good grades.
DAD: GOOOOOD, now get the can of fosters and pour it on my naked body then lick it off
Chiraag: YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!
by chiraag February 23, 2008
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