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The remnants of a chip - potato or otherwise - that has broken apart upon an unsuccessful foray into the dip-bowl.
"Dale politely declined the chip dip he was offered, due to the number of chipwrecks protruding from its creamy dill sauce."
by Ned Shaver March 24, 2009
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1.(Noun)-A broken chip in a dip or salsa bowl, usually stuck out of comfortable reach of fingers.

2.(Verb)-To break one or another's chip whilst reaching simultaneously into a dip or salsa bowl, may also occur if one is fighting for the "scoop"
1. Aw look at that poor Chipwreck!

2. Ima Chipwreck your ass to oblivion!
by Its like Rik Hi May 12, 2014
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A hockey player with grayish hair and a belly full of beer, mostly seen in and around Chippenham and sometimes in the city of Leiden, the Netherlands.
The way he's playing, he might be a Chipwreck.
by Hans Peters May 30, 2009
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What happens when your chip breaks while trying dip a sauce.
My chip left half of itself in the salsa bowl when I tried to ease my hunger and voila: a chipwreck was born.
by lasinalia March 19, 2009
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When a potato chip breaks off when being dipped in the chip dip, leaving the broken chip to sink to the bottom of the dip. Like a "ship wreck" but with a chip instead.
Man, whose chip wreck is that the dip?" or "Man, I just had a chip wreck!" or "Watch out for the chip wrecks!
by Man from Krog August 05, 2010
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When you dip a chip and the chip breaks off in the dip.
This salsa keeps causing me to chipwreck
by Bucsfan846 October 05, 2015
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