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A hockey player with grayish hair and a belly full of beer, mostly seen in and around Chippenham and sometimes in the city of Leiden, the Netherlands.
The way he's playing, he might be a Chipwreck.
by Hans Peters May 30, 2009
5 5
The remnants of a chip - potato or otherwise - that has broken apart upon an unsuccessful foray into the dip-bowl.
"Dale politely declined the chip dip he was offered, due to the number of chipwrecks protruding from its creamy dill sauce."
by Ned Shaver March 24, 2009
6 2
When a potato chip breaks off when being dipped in the chip dip, leaving the broken chip to sink to the bottom of the dip. Like a "ship wreck" but with a chip instead.
Man, whose chip wreck is that the dip?" or "Man, I just had a chip wreck!" or "Watch out for the chip wrecks!
by Man from Krog August 05, 2010
1 0
What happens when your chip breaks while trying dip a sauce.
My chip left half of itself in the salsa bowl when I tried to ease my hunger and voila: a chipwreck was born.
by lasinalia March 19, 2009
3 3