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`Chippos' are a brand of potato chips with a pleasant-looking hippopotamus on the bag that originated in the television show 'The Simpsons', along with such other fictional products as 'Duff Beer', 'Cheesy Does It', 'Cheezus-N-Rice', 'Gorilla Man Scalp Blaster', and the ever-ambiguous 'TUBBB!' . A bag of 'Chippos' has been featured in at least three episodes to date - Ep. 3F09 - Two Bad Neighbours. Ep. 5F11 - 'Das Bus', and Ep. 5F17 - Lost Our Lisa.
Homer Simpson is sometimes seen sitting next to a bag of 'Chippos'.
by Wolfgang von Snowden August 31, 2004
Delightful moniker for Pepperidge Farm Party Mix served at TGI Fridays Bar. The name hence given to our monday night football crew at Fridays because our excessive indulgence in the salty snack.
Yo Tom, can we get some Chippos?
by Getz December 23, 2003
It's short for Chinese hippo but is really a term meaning a female who is sexually promiscuous and can't hold herself back with anyone.
Erica: "I can't believe that girl slept with my boyfriend."
Monica: "I totally feel you...she slept with mine too! She's a real chippo!"
by olipwns November 14, 2010
A fat desperate female who attends chat rooms searching for cock. They will usually suck any cock they can get their fat mouths around. Also known to devour a pile of Buffalo Wings at a Charty right before the cock.
Man Im bored, let me see if I can find some chippo to suck me off real quick.
by Imrickjamesb August 15, 2006
happy kid...perfect boy,nobs out his ped exhaust
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo big debs
by olly day April 18, 2005
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