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An amalgamation of the words 'cheeky' and 'pint'.

Describing an impromptu pint of beer, unplanned and executed in between or after existing obligations, such as lectures or work.
Hi Ben, fancy a chint?

Boys, chint before Boland's lecture at the Goose?

Oi! Chint?
by Dominic.S. May 13, 2009
a funny looking or sounding person. usually characterized by general scrawniness and/or a voice that sounds altered by helium
that guy is skinny...and his voice is kinda funny. what a chint he is
by Franklin Del Dios September 23, 2006
A mexican or spanish person who is always speaking spanish, they know inglish, but talk in spanish most of the time (especially in school)
1)See that spanish guy over there, he's always speaking spanish with his friends, he's such a CHINT!!!
2) George: hey Carlos, why are you always with your friends and you never talk inglish, just spanish?
Carlos: because....i'am a CHINT! DUH! :)
by Leonardo92 October 28, 2006
An uncharted erogenous zone on either side of your knee. Caress with caution.
Madamme, please excuse me if I was too rough with your chint.
by Mark for Brains April 07, 2006
A white person with tilted eyes like the chinese. Similar to "chink." Another pronunciation would be chintzy, also similar to chinky.
You're such a chint!
by Roxy April 12, 2005
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