A sexual technique similar to Helicoptering, in which two men rotate their flaccid penises smacking the recipient in the face.
My buddy and I are going to Chinook her for her birthday
#helicopter #helicoptering #cock #helicopter cock #penis
by chucklz February 14, 2008
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\shə-ˈnu̇k, chə-, -ˈnük\

1. To have sexual intercourse with two pilots simultaneously.
"We were about to chinook Marlene on Saturday night, but we bailed out for fear of touching rotors."
#double team #run the train #pilot #aviator #threesome
by Rummspringa May 11, 2009
The female equivalent of the Helicopter. When a woman spins her breasts around like the two rotors of a Chinook
"Damn dude, she spun her tits like a Chinook yesterday at the party!"
#helicopter #breasts #boobs #spin #chinook
by TheProgrammer March 24, 2014
To those making sexual definitions about this, you are the most retarded dudes I have ever met. A Chinook is a heavy, dual rotored transport helicopter that has a top speed that is almost 200 MPH. Primary use is to transport infantry and/or vehicles. In Call of duty they have replaced the little bird helicopters for the care package delivery. it is slower and is a bigger target in BO so one can shoot it down and steal the package.
*random black ops game*

Me: aw yeah, got the care package

enemy: *shoots down chinook*

Me: you son of a bitch!
#this #is #a #helicopter #not #sex #position
by Ultimate_Zealot August 09, 2011
basically, its another name for King Salmon which is the largest species of all Salmon and can weigh from 25lb to 75lb or more.
Chinooks are usually entering the rivers and streams around Pulaski N.Y. to spawn. This is called the chinook run or salmon run
#king salmon #king spring #chinook #sockeye #jumpers
by Salvito March 16, 2009
A happenstance in intercourse where the woman is on top of the man, where the rhythmic thrusting causes the woman's breasts (and therefore, nipples) to rotate in a circular pattern, like the twin blades of a chinook helicopter.
(past tense) Man, I fucked her so hard that her titties chinooked!
#chinook #titties #helicopter #fuck #fucked #bounce #positition #sex #sexual
by truth_R_consequence September 10, 2008
A rotary winged aircraft (helicopter) produced by Boeing/Vertol, it is very distinctive, having two counter rotating rotors rather than the main rotor/tail rotor setup of most helicopters. A powerful heavy-lifter, the first version introduced during 'nam could carry about six tons, the latest versions (e, f) can carry over twelve. The aircraft is designated CH-47. (CH stands for Cargo Helicopter)

The sound of a chinook is very distinctive, like some enormous jackhammer, a penetrating basso thunder that can be heard miles away, and makes the earth shake when the aircraft passes close by.
The platoon was flying into Iraq on a ch47 transport.
by Dirge September 19, 2004
to shank/kill/maul someone, pronounced shinook and said really fast
i just chinooked that motherfucker!!
#pwned #owned #shanked #pwnt #killed
by thechosenone3141 May 24, 2007
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