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A basic and boxy housing style that was prevalent in East Vancouver, Canada, during a housing boom in the 60's and 70's. Cheap and easy to build, houses were 2 level structures with a basement that was easily converted into an illegal rental suite.
--Hey man, I heard you just bought a house.

--Yeah, it's a Vancouver special. I hope to flip it quickly but the basement suite should cover the mortgage in the meantime.
by petabo August 13, 2006
To engage in fellatio.
So, baby, do you smoke hog?
by petabo August 13, 2006
The largest and most prized species of salmon. Also known more generally as Spring, King, and Chinook...Tyee salmon originate at the Tyee River of Vancouver Island, Canada. Associated with Painter's Lodge, there are specific catch requirements, including using a manually powered boat, limited test line, and non-barbed hooks to qualify as 'Tyee'.
--Yeah, so...I went up to Painter's Lodge to catch me a Tyee...

--How'd you make out?

--Well, I hooked and lost a couple, but finally managed to land one. It was only 46 lbs. but still pulled the boat a kilometre from where it was first hooked.
by petabo August 13, 2006
1. The largest and most prized species of salmon. Also known as Spring, King, and Tyee...Chinook Salmon can grow to weights exceeding 75 lbs.

2. The name for a winter weather phenomenon specific to a region of North America, close to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. A result of warm, moist air from the Pacific Ocean moving over the mountains of British Columbia then descending quickly down the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains, relative ambient temperatures can increase by 30 degrees celsius overnight and last for a day or more.
1. If ya wanna fish for Chinook, ya gotta got to the Queen Charlotte's...I tell ya, ya throw back anything less than 50 pounds.

2. Thank god this chinook came through when it did, Steve, it was getting so damn cold I thought my left nut was going to freeze solid.
by petabo August 13, 2006
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