katies and bens deffiniton of one of asian resemblence
hey katie look at that special chinkie
by BENTHEWHORE December 08, 2004
Top Definition
A dated pejorative slang term denoting Chinese origin. The term has largely been forgotten by political correctness and awareness of global peoples, but has resurfaced to describe consumer items and articles manufactured in China. These items are of poor or inferior quality or considered to be disposable - particularly when those items replaced higher quality items or ones with greater expectation of longevity. History shows that manufacture of these items may employ practices banned in or deemed hazardous by other nations, for example, adding melamine, an adulterant which may be poisonous to certain individuals or in certain concentrations, in order to fraudulently increase the protein levels of foods, or painting toys with lead-based paint.

These items are imported to the detriment of domestic workers and domestically produced items. Retailers and corporations counter that domestically produced materials would be significantly more expensive and that consumers would be unwilling to pay the cost differential, thereby harming their profit margins.
I wish I could go to the store and buy goods that aren't Chinkie garbage.
by Hot East October 16, 2010
A Chinese meal, often a take away. Is used in situations where no offense is meant, although some may mean it to cause offense.
I can't be arsed to cook - do you want to get a chinkie tonight?
by Kat(!) April 30, 2007
the proper term for when you hollow out the bread at a chinese food place and fill it with butter and duck sauce.
This chinkie is delicious!
by hardkorps July 10, 2008
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