Simply put: Amazing.
Gosh, i wish i were Chinese!
by asiansensation March 09, 2006
Anyone from China or Taiwan. Just because someone is Asian doesn't mean that they're Chinese. Many idiotic people firmly believe that all Chinese people are really smart nerds with small eyes that are quiet, boring, and antisocial. These people are racist and need to get a life. Chinese is just a race and does not define the personality.
She's Chinese, but she has big eyes and isn't quiet at all.

Kevjumba is Chinese.
by An ABC May 04, 2008
A race originating from the country of China. Also the language of the country of Chinese.

Word is also sometimes used to represent Chinese words when you are hearing someone talking in Chinese and have a lack of something to say.
Jack: Ni Hao.
Romin: Chinese Chinese CHINEse
by Alto December 27, 2004
Anyone or anything originating from China/Hong kong.
egg rolls and noodles are chinese. As are the chinese people.
by Z-rad July 27, 2005
the all time coolest race in the entire world. they are good at everything, and anything. people who say that chinese people are bad are just fools with no life. they have awesome food, they use their brains, and they are very hard working people.
i am part chinese. i am mostly white, but i am more proud to be chinese.
by Mr.Sir June 21, 2007
Something or someone originating from China, the most populated country in the world that happens to be communist. Oddly enough, most Chinese are called 'commies' based off the warped opinion of the American liberal media that labels anything communist as "evil" or "poor" (with nuclear arms nonetheless).

"Chinese" is also a popular term among Americans for anyone that seems oriental to them.
Whites discriminate against Chinese because they lose their jobs to the Chinese. They might not lose the jobs if most Americans weren't whiny arrogant people.
by Harblsoaker September 29, 2005
people who of chinsese origin(from china) stereotypes include:
bad drivers
good at math/science
hard worker
knows karate
straight A's
all asians

most of these aren't true but hell lets face it, white people didnt have enough to stereotype.
White Guy:Hey u nerdy chinese guy
Chinese guy:White make me laugh
White Guy: Oh No ull use karate!
Chinese guy:dude... the hell is wrong with u?
White Guy: Im white man, duh
by Twizum45 December 22, 2006

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