the coolest people to ever rock the planet.

creators of the world's most delicious food. that includes fried rice, dumplings & soy sauce, wanton soup, orange chicken, noodles (pasta - yes italy, china made it first), ETC.

the world's largest group of people.

peace - loving people who do not like violence or aggression unlike white people. but, if confronted, they for sure will kick some mother fucking ass with ancient, graceful practices such as kung fu.

ancestors of this decent were GENIUSES (inventions such as fireworks, the compass, wheelbarrow, paper).

the most clever race.

a BENEVOLENT, kind people who like to share, and insist on stuffing visitors with food and gifts.

a HARDWORKING people who are community-minded and wish to help the world
Yo that girl is so nice and smart, is she Chinese?

You bet!
by jimmychooo July 10, 2008
A word overused by everyone in Michigan to describe every Asian person.
"I think she's some kind of Chinese"
by kabud July 10, 2008
What ignorant people use to descrive people with wide eyes.
Person 1: Hey! Ching chong!!
Person 2: I no Chinese! I'm Japanese!!
Person 1: Exactly! You're Chinese!
Person 2: No I'm not you fucking asshole!
Person 1: So, do you like eggrolls?
Person 1: So have you been to the Wall of China?
Person 2: Fuck you.
by Daroach June 10, 2008
The all time coolest race in the entire world. They are good at everything, and anything.
I'm part Chinese from my mother.
by spike guy June 23, 2007
The biggest group of people on this universe
The Israeli army want to invade us. Yes our army will go 100x to 1x to theirs. it is time that Chinese arise free, and break away from Communism!
by wutangsquared April 28, 2008
Known for being smart and hardworking, especially shrewed in doing business and setting up enterprises; Faced discrimination and ostracism where they constitute a significant minority but own a big chunk of economic pie, as in South East Asia. Hence they are also known as the Jews of the Orient, a parallel that is being drawn due to the outstanding achievements and discrimination faced by the Jews throughout history.
You should learn from the Chinese! Don't just laze around and be smart!
by kyh August 12, 2008
A term commonly used (even today) by non-Asian people calling other Asians "Chinese".
White boy: "What's up, Chinese?"

Asian boy: "I'm not Chinese, I'm Japanese."

White boy: "Whatever, Same shit!"

Asian boy: "No it's not!"
by BeTe November 26, 2009

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