A code word for cocaine.
Hey, want some chinese food? I just went and picked some up.
I'm craving some Chinese food. Anybody know where I can get some grade A sustenance?
by Monkey Berry November 02, 2007
Top Definition
Mouth watering, life giving, pieces of Heaven.
House Special Lo Mein and Crab Rangoons... That'll be $12.35
by Anonymous January 29, 2003
Delicious food that makes you hungry 30 minutes later just so you can enjoy more until you have a heart attack and die. (Best way to die)
The autopsy revealed the cause of death was too much of Mr.Chang's chinese food.
by 0mG U 1Os3R I knoW u HacK August 10, 2004
Often confused with the American-Chinese foods, which are pretty much reheated frozen clumps of MSG, unfresh ingredients, and cheap wholesale.

Real Chinese food are found in actual Chinese restaurants that mostly have CHINESE words on their front, which serve the real delicacies from Chinese culture.

Of course, their are many other regional favorites in actual China, yet many considers disgusting just because they aren't used to it.

The ones that makes fun of eating snake, and organs of animals, etc. being disgusting are probably pussies that are too scared to try exotic foods, since it is all washed and cleaned.
That stupid tourist over there actually tried to order chicken balls in a authentic Chinese restaurant, what an idiot.
by Some Chinese Guy December 31, 2003
Frikkin' Delicious!!!!
I love Chinese food, especially with a lot of shrimp and baby lobsters.
by Shawn B. April 03, 2003
Tasty ethnic food from the Asian/China culture.
Kung Pao Chicken is the best, along with egg foo young "when cooked properly"
by Saints September 18, 2003
A godsend from the culinary dieties from above. Chinese food is indeed the greatest stuff ever edible that is not American in origin. Best eaten hot, cold, or anywhere. Yet never eat Chinese food alonel,savor its sweet taste with a friend.
Chinese food is from heaven!
by Not so super DJ Gennady February 19, 2003
the best thing that god ever created, other than hot guys. both extremely yummy.
te best food in the entire world.
sesame chicken, white rise, sesame noodles, kung pow chicken, mushu chicken, teriaki steak/chicken
by BLAAAAAAAAH November 21, 2004
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