Getting a blow job while eating.
Ray was eating a good meal while ruth was giving him some chinese Chicken below the table
by Chinese Chicken Ray August 18, 2012
Another word for cocaine. Good to use when in company and need to give it an alias.
"Fancy getting some Chinese Chicken later?"
by t.h.e March 19, 2007
When you dip your dick in sweet and sour sauce and tell your woman it's a chinease buffet.
Man: How about some Chinese tonight?
Woman: Oh, that sounds wonderful! What were you thinking?
Man: How about some *unzips pants* Chinese Chicken?
by krbkay May 02, 2011
A fried chicken of chinese decent, created by the communist chinese government to reduce mass population problems. While it has been often debated what causes the consumer to die (some believe its laced with cyanide) one thing is for sure, you take one bite and your brain stops tickin.
"Life sucks, can I get me one of those chinese chickens over there."
by Dan Miller December 03, 2004
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