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Dundee slang; directed at someone who has just been made to look foolish.

(A non internet geek version od "pwned")
A: You're a fat git
B: That's cause every time I shag your maw she gives me a biscuit

C: Chinbounced!
by heedin February 03, 2009
chin bounced or ussally pronounced "chin boonced"
if someone was contradicting theirselves then you would say youve just been chin bounced
its really hard to explain =o

other definitions:
clamped up or bamed up
if you happen to have an arguement...

*bob walks in at 6 in the morning*

sue: where have you been?
bob: oh erm.. i fell asleep in johns house.
sue: dont give me your lies!
bob: honestly i love you baby. i wouldnt lie to you
sue: then tell me where you were! You were at that slags again wearnt you!?
bob: no i was at andys i swear
sue: whos?
bob: andys, i fell asleep on the sofa
sue: but you said you were at johns
bob: yeh he was there to
sue: OH shut up and pick your chin up!
because youve just been chin bounced!!

yeh but now you know xD
by shanice =] November 01, 2007
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