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Someone whose descent/ethnicity is half chinese half puerto rican.
What nationality is he? His mother's Puerto Rican and his father's Chinese, so he's china rican.
by DawnR. September 06, 2006
A person who does not fit into any specific racial category...when you just don't know what the hell they are ethnically. Simply put...they're the people who have to fill out the "other" box on forms. Even Native Americans and Pacific Islanders have their own boxes these days.
What the hell is Andrew anyways? I mean, he looks black, but then he's got those Asian eyes and he's kind of light too.

Yeah...I have no fucking clue either. He's just a Chinarican.
by Albs May 23, 2006
A foreigner.
The man across the street is some kind of Chinarican or something.
by jared November 26, 2003
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