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Now this bitch will love until she can't love anymore.... And the sex.... Amazing. Chimene's typically like to dabble into dominatrix type behavior when being intimate with her lover. Chimene's are hard to tie down due to their very wild and dominate nature. One will sometimes hear a chimene refer to oneself as a lioness. This is very true. She is wild and hard to tame. But once that special one comes along will wash your clothes, cook your dinner and explore the world with you. One just has to catch her first. Remember to proceed with caution when approaching a Chimene. They can attack at any given moment and blame it on hormones. Beware of the chimenes that like to wear red lipstick. They are the most untamed ones. One must impress this chimene with many treasures and trips to the casino. U must also buy her red wine. This will be sure to capture her heart.
Guys friend: " damn man, what happened to u".

Guy: "y'all could have warned me about chimene's crazy ass" . Bitch tied me down and held me hostage as her sex slave for two days."

Guys fiend: "and you're complaining ??"
by Bitch1988 October 09, 2013
One of the most guliable people you shall ever meet.
One of the most naive people you shall ever meet
One of the most stupidly innocent people you shall ever meet
Is a spremicidal maniac.
1.Did you know that if you say guliable in different accents it starts to sound like Yellow....Reallyy??....Omg thats a typical Chimene.

2. Whats docking?

3. Did you know that chimenes are very rapable?
by Miss Firestarter! March 07, 2009

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