another word for cool
that is so chim
well arent you chim
the camp was so chim because of the hot girls and the lake
by michael barry the cool guy February 29, 2008
Top Definition
Way of naming the sexual relationship blatantly existent between Cheryl Tweedy and Kimberley Walsh from Girls Aloud.
Have you seen the 3503485th picture of Cheryl touching Kimba's ass? Oh Chim, they are so doing it...!

by thechimthread April 04, 2009
The obvious sexual relationship between Cheryl Tweedy and Kimberley Walsh from Girls Aloud.
"Did you see that? Cheryl touched Kimberley's ass! Chim are definitely doing it"

"They're called Chim because, wait, did you see that? Cheryl's hand on Kimberley's ass... AGAIN"

"They're so in love. The word is Chim"
by xxxChimFanxxx April 04, 2009
Boobs i.e. chimmychangas
Casey: Look at her shirt! You can totally see her chims.
by Ashley Hemmingway April 14, 2008
Chronic Hanging Instant Messenger Syndrome. Person ignores anothers comments while getting work done.
"Sorry to for the chim."
by Humid Haney April 10, 2005
a person called sally webber
hi chims
by sac March 20, 2004
to chair swim
When he got bored in the library, Joe resort to chimming in his rolling chair to procrastinate.
by OscarTheGrouch42 June 14, 2011
To wander back and forth, avoiding eye contact for an extended period of time. A general state of akwardness while around numerous people.
Have you guys seen Ben?" "Yeah he's just chimming it up over by the food table." "Thanks man.
by staysneezey February 27, 2011
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