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a small city of about 3000-4000 people, in Wisconsin. They have a beautiful School and are in Calumet county.

There is also a town in Texas called chilton.
My Boyfriend just moved from Milwaukee to Chilton.
by Emo Cat August 01, 2011
a disease of the perineum, causing anal leakage
"Shit man, she gave me chilton!"
by heathcliff October 02, 2006
An insulting name one would often call another, especially if they have a weird middle name that means anal leakage and try to make an alternate definition of it on Urban Dictionary to mask his embarrassment.

See also:

Douche Nozzle
Twat Waffle
Bandless Noobcracker
What a chilton
by TehJudas November 03, 2009
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