A sub genre of the music known as dubstep with a relaxing tone to it.
"Yo dude lets listen to some chillstep"
"whats chillstep?"
"its like dubstep, But chill"
"oh word"
by Skidman September 13, 2011
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A musical genre composed of dubstep tracks with chill undertones. Low bass, slow beats, add a female's voice to the hook and you've got some chill step. Any talented dubstep artist recognizes chillstep and produces chillstep tracks.

Examples: Soldier On (Rusko), Sierra Leone (Mt Eden Dubstep), Coffee Break (Zeds Dead), Dutch Flowers (Rusko Remix), Get The Money (PANTyRAiD), Massive Attack (Paradise Circus), I Remember (Caspa Remix)

Antonyms: Grimy, gnarly dubstep
"Bro, I'm not trying to rave, just throw on some chillstep"

"Dude, check out this new dubstep track, it's so chill"
"Yeah dog, that is some heady chillstep"

"Late night burn sesh?"
"Yea blunts and chillstep"
by KyleDavidBrotrem November 02, 2011
Most people that are not knowledgeable in underground music consider Chillstep a sub genre of Dubstep. In actuality it is a sub genre of Step.

Dubstep is a fusion of both Dub and Step genres (Hence the name).

Chillstep incorporates many of Steps movements, but adds relaxing undertones and rhythm to it.
Chillstep song examples;

EvenS- Tell


Days to come- Seven Lions

Mitis- Innocent Discretion
by DnaAngel December 18, 2013
A very relaxing type of music with heavy bass.

It draws on many musical influences.

Such influences include, dub, reggae, d'n'b,
jungle, UK garage, grime , techno and IDM.
Akema is a chillstep artitst
by Destro235 June 09, 2011
A great kind of music to listen to when your calm or trying to fall asleep. It has very heavy bass influences, and is very calming. They play a lot of it on chillstep.info! Seriously, check out that website.
What's up?

Just listening to chillstep.info!
by axsenion April 22, 2013

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