Obvious portmanteau of "to chill" and "to relax".

Originated in the Netherlands, where students (both foreign and Dutch) spent so much time chilling & relaxing that both regular words were simply not strong enough to describe the constant and intense state of relexation said students were in.

It is used the very same way as "to chill" or "to relax" but has a slightly stronger connotation.
"Dude, you wanna come to the club tonight?"

"Nah man, I stay at home and chillax"
by BigBadBastard March 31, 2009
to chill and relax at the same time
stop stressing just chillax
by katy and louise again April 23, 2006
means to chill and relax
why don't you just chillax
by mmontanez January 06, 2006
A word put together from Chill and Relax. Usually used by pre-teens and young teens who watch a lot of Disney Channel, especially Hannah Montana.
"Dude, chillax it's going to be ok.
by tsirk February 16, 2010
A mixture of the words chill and relax
except it seems to be there two words multiplied so its a sort of extreme relaxing.
Can be used for when you are sitting in your garden on a summer evening with a beer listening to 'Time of the Season' by The Zombies.
Or if someone is having a major freaker and going ape shit at people you can tell them to chillax.
by Black_Rose_325 September 26, 2008
Verb: To chill and relax at the same time!
Person one: Hey what's up?
Person two: Nothin, just chillaxin!
by Anja Hadz July 22, 2005
1. To chill and relax at the same time

2. More satisfying than either chilling or relaxing alone
1. I'm super chil-laxed.

2. Chil-lax man! Don't take life so seriously.

3. Your mind will answer many questions if you chil-lax and wait for the answer.

4. Chil-lax. The Cod God can not be controlled. Coddism is an enigma.
by cj8029 December 25, 2010

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