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Obvious portmanteau of "to chill" and "to relax".

Originated in the Netherlands, where students (both foreign and Dutch) spent so much time chilling & relaxing that both regular words were simply not strong enough to describe the constant and intense state of relexation said students were in.

It is used the very same way as "to chill" or "to relax" but has a slightly stronger connotation.
"Dude, you wanna come to the club tonight?"

"Nah man, I stay at home and chillax"
by BigBadBastard March 31, 2009
See --> Hurensohn

German - translation "daughter of a whore" (in the sense of "son of a bitch" for a girl)

The female version of the German curseword "Hurensohn", which in itself is crippling the German language.

However, as a mockery of the poor grammar skills of people using the word "Hursensohn" excessively, the word stayed like this, instead of becoming the "correct" word "Hurentochter" for a female "son of a whore(/bitch)".
Mustafa: "Stefan you're a HURENSOHN !!!"

Stefan: "I always wanted to ask you my friend, if I am a HURENSOHN, then what would you call my sister?"

Mustafa: "She is a Hurens-... a Hurensoh...- she is a Hurensöhnin !!!"
by BigBadBastard April 01, 2009
German - Correct translation would be "son of a whore"

Curseword which is used excessively amongst (less educated) minorities. Usually to show disrespect for one another (which is often perceived as "cool" amongst said minorities).

However it is also used amongst friends who know each other well, in order to make fun of before mentioned minorities. It is then not perceived as a curseword anymore but as a universal, funny nickname for men, women and even animals.
Two brothers of middle-eastern descent in any poor area of a major German city:

Brother 1 (Mehmet): "EY! You HURENSOHN! Give me back my football or I will punch you in the nuts"
Brother 2 (Mustafa):" HAHA!!! You stupid HURENSOHN just disrespected yourself by calling your own brother a HURENSOHN!"
by BigBadBastard April 01, 2009

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