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The phrase that must be said when "chill out" just doesn't cut it. It is used when people are totally out of control and need to be stopped.
Everyone just needs to chill down, this is getting crazy.

Kyler, quit freaking out and chill down.
by n11attack April 26, 2011
A mixture between chill out and calm down. When someone is suggesting an angered person to control their emotions.
Dude, don't get so angry. Chill down.
by hellojello789 May 04, 2009
A really relaxed, or 'chill' sit down.

To 'chill' in a sitting down position.
You look tense dude. Come have a chilldown, Spongebob is on.

Chilldown over there for a second while I figure this out.
by Mitch Jantzen December 17, 2008
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