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A Person who searches their name on urban dictionary and posts the definition to their Facebook status update.
Facebook status update:
Wilbur Kookermeyer: According to Urban Dictionary, Wilbur is a really cool surfer dude that surfs, gets all the ladies and makes a lot of money.

Freddy Bootylicker (Wilburs friend) wrote

"Hey Wilbur, you f-n Chilichoker!!! don't you know that urban dictionary is created and edited by internet users? Don't get your head too inflated, You're still a kook!!"
by Team Beaver February 03, 2010
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A derogatory term for a person of Hispanic descent, usually used to denote their taste for hot, spicy foods.
"Hell, if we cain't find any more room for them chili chokers out in the fields, we can always have them roof the barn or clean the house!"
by Richard June 19, 2006
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