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A misgoneous pronoun for someone that is either physically or mentally attractive to the point that you want to fuck them
"Hey Chiki looking damn good over there"

"Wow, did you see the blond chiki over at the bar??"
by MrMagicMan November 22, 2009
A synonym for sad.
"What's up? Are you okay?"
"Just feeling Chiki."
by Dinosaur Pinata November 10, 2013
An awesome person, who is married to Benji Madden.
Chiki is the coolest person I know.
by CHIKI! XD December 23, 2003
A person who is obsessed and is married to Benji Madden of Good Charlotte. Who is also very nice and pokeable.
Chiki is awesome.
by Lisa December 24, 2003
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