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Fecal stains that appear on the lower face after excessive sexual contact. Derived from "skiddies of the chin".
"She's so dirty, she's covered in Chiddies".
by jimmymac87 May 19, 2011
local slang in the Bristol area for a womaniser. Comes from the infamous James Chiddy well-known on the scene for his wild antics and smooth moves.

N.B. James Chiddy has had run-ins with 'The Lads', a rival womanizing group.
"Dude that guy over there is such a Chiddy...the ladies can't get enough of him"
The Lads
by Gareth Ronan May 25, 2009
definitely or "what's up dude"
a: "That chick is bangin"
b: "Chiddy"


From a distance a: "Chidddyy" b: "what upp"
by Keelay Ross September 07, 2010

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