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A neighborhood woman who performs oral sex on men, often for nothing in return.
Everybody on the block knows Kwaneesha. They may not know her name, but they know she's the chicken neck of 112th St.
by spurty February 26, 2009
What's for lunch today. Taken from The Simpsons.
Ralph: "What's for lunch?"
Lunch Lady: "Next!"
Ralph: "Chicken Necks?"
by First male wildcat May 24, 2006
When a woman goes agro and bobs her head back and forth and her chin in and out, with big angy eyes and losts of noise coming out of her mouth. Piss off a woman and you'll see it yourself.
She thought I cut her off in line at the supermarket and got the chicken neck.
by Big Steve July 09, 2004
the saggy neck skin that is a result of old age. usually found on old women.
check out the chicken neck on that old bitch!
by triskitz91 August 24, 2008
same thing as a turkey neck except the girl sucks and moves her head back and forth like a chicken when it walks
i chicken necked that girl
by geo shape small guy September 16, 2009
A dance invented by rapper The Wasp, where you bob your head back and forth like a chicken.
"Watch me do the Chicken Neck on the next song"
by Chad M November 03, 2006
loser with a chicken dick
he has a chicken neck dick
by yusuf June 15, 2006

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