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When black girls thrust their head back and forth when they are usually yelling at you, much like a chicken thrusts its head back and forth when it walks or runs.
That black girl was fucking chicken necking when she was yelling at me.
by CMBC June 02, 2009
Typically a mouth breather. When the person goes about their day with their mouth slightly open and never fully closed.
Tommy has cock sucker's cramp. He walks around and does his shit with his mouth half open all the time. Probably from sucking so many cocks all the time.
by CMBC June 25, 2009
A fisheries law enforcement officer
Police officer = regular cop
Fisheries officer = fish cop
by CMBC January 23, 2012
An extremely large woman
Jeff: Holy fuck that girl is fat!

John: She's a fucking supertanker!!
by CMBC February 02, 2011
To be put in one's place
Todd: Hey little buddy, what's going on?
Mark: Just finished banging your mom. How's that for what's going on?
by CMBC January 11, 2012
A fart that has a lot of bass, as opposed to being a squeeker
Jim: Holy shit Mark, that was one stinky fart.

Mark: Yeah, it was a B Flat.
by CMBC April 07, 2011
Waiting and possibly nurturing the girl's "issue" until it passes, at which point you can persue her.

A girl who is too young for you has an attraction for you, but you can't do anything about it due to her age. So you "feed the pig" until she is older and then you allow her attraction for you to turn into something.

Origin: Came from the term "Feeding the pig" which is a situation in where you have a small pig that is useless to you, so you feed it and nurture it until it grows to a fat pig in which you then have a use for it.
Bill: Hey man, that girl wants me so bad. Too bad she's too young.

Tom: Why don't you just feed the pig until she's older?

Bill: Ya man, feeding the pig on this girl will pay off in the end.
by CMBC June 16, 2009

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