The state of being extremely high.
Being high so as to loose awareness of your surroundings and motor skills and general delirium.
1. Oh shit, I am in the chicken coop.
2. This shit will get you in the chicken coop (referring to reefer).
by C-note October 24, 2004
Venue for the use of illegal drugs, usually the bedroom of one's home during a party.
If you are looking for the chicken coop, it's the last bedroom on the right.
by kurtbuscemi July 20, 2009
1.a cock filled with sperm from not having sex
2.a slutty girl who is pregnant
1.dude my chicken coop has been full for 2 weeks! chicken coop is full i just found out.. i shouldnt have went to that party man..
by a crazy american January 30, 2010
When you have sex with a farmer and he takes a chicken and fingers it. Then the chicken lays eggs and you stick them up her ass. After, she poops out scrambled eggs. Enjoy.
Dude, last night, i had a fresh cooked chicken coop meal!
The chicken coop is the house or apartment where you keep all the drugs. (Mainly kilos of cocaine aka "chickens")

You never sleep at the chicken coop or do business there. Noone should know where your chicken coop is except for you.

We call it a chicken coop because that's where you go to lay your chickens down to sleep at night.
"Some fuck boys tried robbing the crib last night. Good thing I had the stash at the chicken coop."

"Got about 4 birds at the chicken coop fam, let me know if you want them take about a hour to get em.

"What's happening g"
"Shit fam at the chicken coop, breaking down these birds right quick"

Man I need to start moving some keys Bruh, got about 7 or 8 chickens all cooped up right now.
by Booosiebad May 16, 2015

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