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1. A cross between a chicken and a weasel, also known as a cheasel or a wicken.
2. A random exclamation.
3. A come-back for random people.
1. Dude, is that a chicken weasel?!?!?
3. Girl 1: What are you talking about?
Girl 2: Chicken weasel!
by BeffyG December 03, 2008
1. an exclaimitory phrase; 2. a phrase used for utter randomness i.e. bieng said at random points in time for the sake of saying so. 3. funny endearing way for mark and harmony to connect thier odd friendship at random intervals. in all uses the phrase was invented and coined by me... Mark Seliga
1. Chicken Weasel!!! 2. ... chicken weasel... 3. mark "chicken"... harmony"weasel" *smiles*
by Charles Phoenix July 31, 2006
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