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The process by which you get someone's hopes up about eating Chick-Fil-A before they realize that it's Sunday and no deep-fried yard bird will be consumed.
Chick-Fil-Aer "Hey Sasha, what do you want for lunch?"

Chick-Fil-Aee "I dunno, what do you feel like?"

Chick-Fil-Aer "Hmm, I don't know .... Ohhh how does Chick-Fil-A sound!?!?"

Chick-Fil-Aee "Ohh yeah that sounds awesome!!!"
Chick-Fil-Aee (smiley face, mouth starts watering in anticipation of waffle fries and greasy chicken)
Chick-Fil-Aee "Damnit, it's Sunday!!! You Chick-Fil-A'd me again!!! I hate you and will punch you right in the sack!!!!"
by skele4door November 18, 2013

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