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The ratio of chicks to dicks (guys). Preferably 2:1 or better.
Ther higher the ratio, the higher the chance of there being a chick for your dick.

Comes from me. I invented this a few moments ago, while asking about a friend's party.
The chick to dick ratio at the party was 1:5. Total dudefest. I didn't get any poontang that night.
by Lenny July 27, 2004
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The ratio of females to males in any situation, such as a party. Once the ratio has become 0 the get-together may be deemed a sausagefest, but if the ratio is undefined it is known as a tacofest.
Steve: Dude.. the chick-to-dick ratio here is like 20:2.
Hal: Awesome, bro!
by Maxel August 17, 2007
14 3
This is a ratio of how many girls there are to guys. Usually. Of course there is the chance that 1 of the guys has 2 dicks.
At that party the Chick to Dick Ratio was 6:3. And there were only 2 guys!
by The All Blacks Rule!!! March 27, 2007
15 5